News Time

Yesterday on the site of Finnish newspaper Iltalehti was published an interview with HIM's manager Seppo Vesterinen. He informed, that new album will appear in stores next year. Now Ville's working with new songs and the band are not going to break the creating process, that's why there will be no shows this summer. Point out, that nor the place of recording nor the producer are still not known. Also Seppo adverted that the contract to hold the Helldon festival this year are still not signed. We don't know if that means that there will be no Helldone this year.


Sexiest Vegitarian

Not long ago on the International organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website appeared a voting of one nomination to decide who's the most sexual vegan onEarth of 2009. To vote for Guess-Yourself-Whom you can here.

Info from Valo Daily


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