Helldone 2008-2009.

This year the name Helldone means not only a festival, but even a mini-tour through the Finland cities. The bands HIM, KYRSK and 45 Degree Woman on the 29th of Desember will play in Oulu, then on the 30th in Tampere and traditionally on the 31th in Tavastia club. Also the bands Stam1na, Diablo and Godsplague will play in Tavastia on the 29th, and The 69 Eyes, Negative and Sara on the 30th, in the festifal frames. The sale of the tickets will start on the 15th of October in 9:00 am by Finnish time.

The price of the tickets:

Helsinki, Tavastia:
100И for a three-days ticket
30И for the firts day only, the same is for the second and 45И for the third.

Oulu and Tampere - 37И for each day

Info from www.tikketi.fi


Ville The Hippo.

Ville Valo's voice will became the voice of hippo Moto Moto in the Finnish version of the second part of the cartoon "Madagascar".The preem of the movie will take place on the 21th of November, 2008.

Info from www.iltasanomat.fi


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