Win A Pair Of Tickets To Helldone From Euro Rock Radio

Euro Rock Radio will be giving away a pair of coveted Helldone tickets for the New Year's Eve show on December 31, 2009! They will be doing qualifying rounds starting next week to qualify people to be in the running on November 10th for the tickets. These mini contests could be trivia questions, a Wheres Ville game, or even being a certain caller into the station, who knows! Youll have to tune in to find out! But thats not all! Each winner of the qualifying rounds will also get a piece of the Killing Loneliness wall from the wall of graffiti used in the Killing Loneliness video! Lots to win between now and November 10th and then a pair of tickets to the most sought after HIM show of the year!
Keep an eye on Euro Rock Radio for more details as they come in and be sure to tune in next Tuesday for the beginning of the qualifying rounds!

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Helldone Festival 2009

Finally we've got more news about Helldone festival:) Him decided to headline every night of the four festival's days. Also this year there will be playing Anathema (UK), The 69 eyes (FI), Flamer (FI), Ghost Brigade (FI), Major Label (FI)and Vanity Beach (FI). Full information about this event and tickets you can find here.

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Interview With Linde

Ten questions with ever mysterious Linde! Find out what made his mother proud, what inspires him, and the return of Daniel Lioneye. Check out the interview at His Infernal Magazine.

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