Daniel Lioneye - side project of our dear Lily. Sporadically he rocks the venue with guys from HIM, Ita-Saksa, The Skreppers, New Rose & Ravenstorm - his band is called "Daniel Lioneye and the Rollers".

Official myspace - myspace.com/daniellioneyeofficial
Fan site - daniellioneye.com


Vol. II [2010]
The King of Rock`n`Roll [2001]



The 69 Eyes


The 69 Eyes - another one goth'n'roll band from Helsinki. Ville collaborated with them on Paris Kills, Wasting the Dawn (tracks: Lay Down Your Arms, Girl, Wasting the Dawn, Lazarus Heart, All-American Dream, Hand of God), Blessed Be (tracks: Framed in Blood, The Chair, Angel on my Shoulder) & Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams as back vocal.

Official site- 69eyes.com
Official myspace - myspace.com/theofficial69eyes
Russian fan site- the69eyes.ru

Russian heartagram exclusive Interview with The 69 Eyes @Tammerfest '02 + @Ankkaarock'02 + Photogallery


Back in Blood [2009]
Angels [2007]
Devils [2004]
Framed in Blood - The Very Blessed of The 69 Eyes [2003]
Crashing High [2003]
Betty Blue [2002]
Paris Kills LP [2002]
Dance d'Amour [2001]
Stolen Season [2001]
The Chair [2001]
Blessed Be [2000]
Brandon Lee [2000]
Gothic Girl [2000]
Wasting the Dawn [1999]
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams [1997]
Savage Garden [1995]
Wasting the Dawn [1999]
Call Me [1997]


New Dawn Foundation - Finnish gothic doom band, where Zoltan plays keyboards after HIM.

Official site - newdawnfoundation.com
Official myspace - myspace.com/newdawnfoundation



Moment of Clarity [2006]
Demosonic Landscape [2004]
So damn lost again... [2001]


Kyyria - although this band doesn`t exists anymore, Gas used to be drummer there.




Inner Wellness (Gun) [1998]
Alien (Gun) [1997]


To Die For

To Die For - Finnish gothic doom band, where Zoltan was keyboarder before HIM.

Official myspace - myspace.com/tdfrocks



Wounds Wide Open [2006]
IV [2005]
Jaded [2003]
Hollow Heart [2001]
Epilogue [2001]
In the Heat of the Night [2000]
All Eternity CD [2000]
Together Complete [2000]
Save Nuta
Save Nuta is a project called to keep from closing the studio for teenagers MD-Studio in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki. That project consist of persons from such crews as HIM, Scandinavian Music Group, The Latebirds and others, who in youth used to spend lots of time in the studio, playing music. In Autumn 2008 was recorded a cover-version of The Ramones's song "Rock'n'Roll High School", to support the studio. Ville peformed the part of bass and Burton of keyboards.
Linde wrote several tracks and played guitar parts for the debut album "Sister" of Finnish singer and model Manna. There is also a duet with Ville on the disk, it's called "Just For Tonight".
Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon
The song "Summer Wine" is a soundtrack for the German movie "Das Wilde Leben" (Eight miles high). It tells about the adventures of well-known grouppie Ushi Obermaier, who was performed by Natalia Avelon. Also there is a single, which includes the whole version of the song, the radio-edit, the remix and even the video.
Cradle of Filth
In 2006 a famous black-metalists invited Ville to perform a small part in the song "The Byronic Man" for the album "Thornography".
The Bloodhound Gang
Ville because of big frenship sang the refrains of the song "Something Diabolical" from the album "Hefty Fine" (2005).
To Separate The Flesh from the Bones
A new mad band. Bandmembers are Herr Arschstein (Pasi Koskinen / Amorphis), Rot Wailer (Niclas Etelavuori / Amorphis) and Pus Sypope (Gas / HIM). EP called "For Those About To Rot" releases 10.05.04. Site toseparatethefleshfromthebones.com/
Gas' side-project. Site - Bendover.fi
in far 1996, when HIM and Apocalyptica just started their careers, Ville Valo sang two song - "Escape" and "Sanitarium" - on Apocalyptica's gig. In Autumn 2004 Ville and Lauri Ulonen from The Rasmus recorded vocal part for the song "Bittersweet" - the first single from the album "Apocalyptica".
Timo Kotipelto
Stradivarius' frontmen Timo Kotipelto released solo-single The Beginning from album Waiting For The Dawn. Gas contributed as a drummer.
Five Fifteen (5.15)- "Death of a clown" (2001)
Ville collaborated with this Finnish rock-band during the recording sessions, his bacl-vocals is on tacks 1. "The Prostitute" & 6. "Season of the Witch".
Lowe Motor Corporation - Saturnalia
Ville recorded back-vocals for song "Love Me". Album was released in 2004.
Ville has been doing backing vocals on Tehosekoitin's album "Freak Out" (1999)
Lilly collaborated on the record of album "Ihmepoika"
Ville (Lux Airam), Lily (Daniel Lioneye) and Mige (Miguel) did some backing vocals with The Skreppers on the new album Hedonist Hellcats (released on August 26th 2002). Ville wrote lyrics together with Reinaldo for the song Soon Someone Is Crying.




Agents - Laulava Sydan
Ville recorded songs Paratiisi, Jykevaa on rakkaus & Ikkunaprinsessa for their trebute album Laulava Sydn (1999), dedicated to Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki

Tribute Turbonegro - "Alpha Motherfuckers" (2001)
HIM recorded track Rendezvous with Anus (CD1, # 7)

Tribute Tuomari Nurmio "Tuomarin Todistajat" (2000) - Ville recorded song Valo Yss (#1)



Thulsa Doom - HIM used this name while being 'the opening act' for the 69 Eyes at Tavastia (may 2001)

Nelj Ruusua - HIM were somehow involved in recording song & filming video Hunningolla (album Popmuseo)

Verenpisara - Summer'02 Jussi fulfils the duties of sessional keyboarder in this band

Lullacry - Ville Valo wrote lyrics of the song Whispers In The Chaos for their album Sweet Desire