Ville Valo /Ville Hermanni Valo/

Date of birth 22.11.1976

Place of birth - Helsinki

In HIM he sings, writes lyrics, composes music, sometimes plays acoustic guitar and rarely plays bass-guitar.


+++ Did you know that +++

Ville Hermanni Valo is Villes real name. Wilhelm Hermann Light is just a translation of his name to German, nothing more.

His surname can be translated from Finnish as Light.

Before HIM Ville played in lots of bands. He says that he had a time when he played in 10 bands at the same time. The most known Villes bands were Blood (1986), Kemoterapia (1989) and Donits Osmo Experience.

Ville played bass-guitar in jazz-band and he thinks jazz and classics are boring because its impossible to imagine something new there. He also doesnt like The Beatles, but likes blues and folklore.

In HIM side-project Daniel Lioneye & The Rollers Ville plays drums and call himself Billy.

Villes another one famous nick-name is Don Vittu.

Ville plays lots of instruments like bass-guitar, guitar, keyboard and drums. But he still says he isnt talented enough.

Ville has 21 tattoos. And it seems, that it's still not enough.

The first album he has bought was Animalize by Kiss.

Ville is a big fan of Tim Burtons cartoon Nightmare Before Christmas.

He thinks it is long and cold nights in Finland make him write melancholic songs, but in real life he is a cheerful person who laughs quite often.

Off-stage, he doesn't like wearing make-up.

Ville repeats often that he use internet for masturbation.

Ville admits making up stories, because otherwise he thinks it would be far too boring, reading the same things in the papers all the time. So, if you find any disinformation on the site, remember its Villes fault. ;)

Ville has a younger brother. His name is Jesse and he was born in 1984.

Information about Villes brothers called Mige and Linde and his pets calles Gas and Juska is just a joke. Another one. From Ville.;)

Woman on the cover of EP 666 Ways To Love: Prologue is Ville`s mother.

His musical awards Ville gives to his parents.

Ville did commercial ad for Finnish loo "Ido"?

Finnish press captured Ville kissing with 4 men: vocalists of "Torpedo", "Skreppers", Zoltan & Yussi69!

+++ Memorable quotes +++

Ville: Its not a secret my dad owns his sex-shop. When I was 17 I worked there, but My dad needed help. Most of the time I sorted pornomags and videos on the shelves and stood at the cashiers desk. Sometimes I met there people whom I didnt suppose to see there. Once I sold two videotapes and magazine "El Amour" to my physics teacher. Dont know who was more embarrassed me or he. We didnt say a word to each other. But he came out and even didnt take his change.

Ville: The main secret of our band is that girls like Zoltan more than me. His phone rings all the time. No, really! Comparing to him Im innocent.

Ville: Most people think, we are a "bad band". But that's wrong. We kiss babies in front of cameras, we give autographs- if necessary even on the penis!

Ville: The only thing I do believe in is our music.

Ville: We Finnish people are very melancholic. I don't know why, but that's the way it is. If you take a look at the Finnish charts, you are going to find lots of songs full of melancholy. Happy songs make Finnish people unhappy and the other way round. Perhaps the matter is, that the days always are so short in Finland.

Ville: Im not the sensitive guy as many people suppose. You have to be tough if you want to survive in business.

Ville: I dont want to explain my lyrics. I want everyone has his own imaginations when they listen to our music. Everyone feels love in his own way. What can I teach you? To be a good lover? No, everyone should find the way out himself.

Ville: Theres nothing bad in melancholy. Its a positive feeling. It doesnt have anything common with depression. Melancholy is a feeling of passion.

Ville: Happy songs make me feel unhappy. The worst are the Vengaboys, I am getting really depressed.

Ville: I know hundred people who dink red wine and smoke cigarettes. Im the one-hundred-first. Why the hell you call me Jim Morrison?!